Shanti: A Journey of Peace is an expansive, collaborative theater production that explores the meanings and message of peace, joy and the interconnectedness of us all through the dance, music and imagery. Created in a unique compositional genre pioneered by Kanniks Kannikeswaran, Shanti features a choral symphonic presentation of Indian raagas rendered by an incredible combination of the first of its kind Indian community choir along with singers from other western choirs, accompanied by a 22 member strong western chamber orchestra, an ensemble of Indian instruments, dances from several parts of India, powerful visuals - all tied together by a gripping story line. Through a gripping presentation of chants and music, Shanti presents some ancient thoughts (that are so strikingly modern) that expound the possibility of living in harmony with the universality of creation, embracing its richness, plurality and diversity in all its splendor.

This project is a pioneering effort in:

Creating choral music based on the raaga traditions of India
Building a community choir utilizing the diverse musical talents of the Indian (American) diaspora
Creating a stage where ancient Indian music traditions interact with Western music traditions in a performance setting
Creating an awareness about the history of Eastern traditions, and their relevance to modern society and
Building community and bringing communities together through world-music


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